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Thoughts on Healing: Power of Choice

By  Rianne Collignon     March 29, 2018    Labels:, 

Dear People,

Often we feel pressured to make choices and we can get tired of feeling like everything we do matters and we just don't know what to do. It can also feel like we 'have no choice' are 'forced to do this' which means we often don't enter the situation with grace and kindness, but instead of low energy, resentment and anger. It's hard to feel blessed with free will sometimes, so today I'm writing about the power of choice.

Power of choice: Owning your choices
Regardless of what our ego or our thoughts tell us, we always have a choice. Even if somebody is standing next to you with a gun, we still have a choice. Even if somebody overpowers us, we still have a choice. Some choices we make fully conscious and aware of the consequences, while others are subconscious and some are in between. By owning our choices, we keep positive energy flowing.

Example 1: Christmas Attendance
If you say you 'have to' attend Christmas with your parents and you just 'don't have a choice', you can almost feel the resentment building. You won't be happy sitting at the dinner table, you won't be happy seeing your parents, although in the end you might classify it as: "not too bad".

If you own your choice and you say: "I rather go to my parents with Christmas then have a fight with them/host my own Christmas/do my own thing/make a fuss", then you will know that you are the one who choose this. That also means, consciously if this changes the next year you might kick up a fuss, choose to host yourself or just take a vacation.

Example 2: Biking vs Car
Somebody asks you if you want to meet up by car or by bike. You know you  have a preference but you don't want to say car. You probably have some judgements on that (lazy, costly etc.) so you say bike. You end up blowing up your bike tire by hitting it on the shed door, so bike is now out.

You can say your subconscious sabotaged you, but your soul also gives you a lesson right at this moment to make choices that are right for you and own up to them.

Power of choice: Allowing for the answer
A lot of the time, people desperately want to right answer, the right choice and they want to make it right now. However, one of the beautiful things in the power of choice is allowing for the answer. Take your time to listen to all channels of wisdom (your body, your emotional responses, your mental thought processes, your intuition, soul guidance etc.) and if they don't match take some time to sort through the "Why".

Sometimes you are asking the wrong question, and while you want to choose between A & B, C is the answer. Sometimes old pain or bad thought patterns can keep you from moving forward towards a choice that's right for you.

Allow for an answer and it will come to you, even when you are conflicted or see no way out. I prefer to meditate on the question and to listen. Sometimes when I'm told to wait and not rush off to 'fix things' that don't need to be fixed, it's still hard on me. However, when I listen the right answer will present itself.

Power of choice: Choosing again
We always try to make a choice in good faith, because nobody would willingly and consciously choose to be in a bad relationship, marry the wrong person, accept the wrong job etc. However, sometimes our choices have consequences we don't like or we have changed and no longer want what we once chose.

In any situation, there is always the ability to choose again. To change course. To correct based on what new information you received or what you experienced. That doesn't mean your initial choice was wrong, just that you need that part of the path before you could continue on.

Power of choice: Reframing your situation
A lot of times we choose to see a situation was annoying, desperate, horrible or painful. It's a choice that we sometimes make consciously and sometimes subconsciously. It's important to understand that we can make our life easier when we choose another option.

Nobody likes to be late at work, but we can frame it as a horrible thing or we can say: 'shit happens'. We can ask ourselves: "What is the lesson in this?", or we can run around in busyness and start trying to solve things asap. When you change how you look at things, you will notice immediate results in energy levels and mood. That doesn't mean it's easy - but it's very worthwhile. I hope to achieve the day where I can honestly say that only good things happen to me - just some good things I like more then others.

Want to talk about your way of dealing with choices? Post a comment on the blog, reach me through Facebook,  e-mail me or talk to me in the practice.

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