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Thoughts on Healing: All pain serves a purpose

By  Rianne Collignon     August 31, 2017    Labels:,,, 

Dear People,

Often in our lives we experience pain. Pain can exist on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. Some anguish can be so difficult that it feels like our soul is dying or we are. A lot of people try to suppress, evade or even ignore pain, but in the end all pain serves a purpose. Today I'm writing about some of these purposes so you can choose to learn the lesson and let go of your pain. I also included an exercise because letting go of pain helps us immediately gain more energy, happiness and peace.

Pain as a warning
Even children sometimes learn the lesson of pain the best by experiencing it as a warning. You can tell them a 100 times not to touch because it's hot, but once touched, they often learn immediately not to do it again. Adults also still learn in this way - sometimes we get warnings that something or someone is bad for us, but we move forward anyway. We need to get burnt to make sure we take ourselves, our intuition and our warnings seriously.

The resulting pain is a potent reminder for us that what we are doing isn't right and that we need to change course. It reminds us to trust our instincts, intuition or the friends who warned us. The remembrance of this pain will help us make much better decisions, but keeping the pain alive to punish ourselves or to stay in victim mode is unhealthy.

Pain as a lesson in what matters
Sometimes we don't know how much we appreciate something or someone until it's gone. Losing out is deeply hurtful. When our expectations aren't met we recognize how much they mattered to us. It might mean that we really want to be treated with respect or that we want somebody to be our friend or approve of us.

While of course we aren't happy, this pain gives us important information on what matters to us most. What we should spend time, energy and attention on. Jealousy or envy is also a pain that shows us what matters; after all, when we want what others have, it shows us what matters to us.

Pain as a trigger of change
One of the most annoying pains is the one of guilt or resentment. On one hand we have done something we aren't proud of (so we feel guilty) in the other we feel the other person hasn't done their part (we feel resentment). These types of pain can be a trigger of change in the behavior in ourselves.

We will most likely choose to treat another person with more respect or kindness next time we encounter a similar situation, because nobody likes the sting of guilt. We also might choose not to move into sacrifice or communicate clearly with others so we don't feel resentment.

Exercise: Processing Pain
Set aside at least 15-20 minutes to do this exercise. You might also like some alone time after this, to settle yourself. If you know you have problems accessing your emotions, you can use a crystal, music or other aids to help you access a safe space.
  • Breathe deeply in and out a few times
  • Say aloud: "I am in pain" 2-3 times to access the pain that's been bothering you
  • Place one hand on the place where you feel this pain
  • If possible, place the other hand on a place of strength (solar plexus Chakra, heart Chakra, outside item)
  • Say aloud: "I choose to know the purpose of my pain"
  • If the pain lessens, place the strength hand on your Crown Chakra and listen
  • If the pain doesn't lessen, move back to the previous place of just feeling your pain or ask that your pain might be lifted/processed 
  • Once you have heard the purpose, it's time to completely let go of the pain
  • Say aloud: "I chose to let go of this pain or I free myself of this pain"
  • You can symbolically cleanse yourself, move the pain towards a Guide, Angels, The Universe, God or any other source of good. 
  • Sit quietly until you feel at peace
Want to get rid of some stubborn pain or share your experience with this exercise? Talk to me in the practice, leave a message on the blog or Facebook Fan Page.

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