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Positive Flow: Gratefulness in Letting go

By  Rianne Collignon     June 21, 2017    Labels:, 

Dear People,

It's no secret that a lot of us have problems letting go. Yet holding on to things, people or patterns that don't suit us anymore is a negative influence in our life. Mostly when letting go we focus on that negativity to 'convince' ourselves or we try to force ourselves to move on. Today I'm going to talk about a positive way to let go; through gratefulness.

Gratefulness in Letting go of things
The easiest way to let gratefulness in is if you want to let go of something that has served you for a long time, but isn't right for you any more. Maybe it's that favorite dress that you really should throw out or it's that necklace that you loved as a young teen but doesn't fit your style anymore. Or that hobby you used to love, but now don't really feel that connected too anymore.

If we would keep all the things that we feel sentimental about, our homes would overflow fast. Yes, it can be hard to let go of things, but by practicing gratefulness we can let go of them easier. If you still feel you can't let go of it after this exercise, you can also consider taking a photo or keep a small part as a memento.

  1. Hold on to the thing you want to let go of
  2. You can touch, smell, hug the item while doing this exercise
  3. Replay in your mind all the beautiful memories you have with this item
  4. Sit quietly for a while with this item 
  5. Thank this item for the role it has played in  your life
  6. Put this item gently way - maybe in a pile to donate or to throw out
  7. Take a deep breath and say I release this item in gratitude
Gratefulness in Letting go by learning the lesson
Sometimes it's very hard to go of our negativity. We stay angry, we keep being in a tantrum because of 'unfairness' or we keep getting stuck in the same pattern that has negative consequences for us. It's pretty hard to let go of this as most of us just want the other person or the situation to change.

Since we have no control over that but we can deal with our own feelings, the healthy solution is to do that and let go. Letting go again, can be done on focusing on the emotions surrounding the situation, but we can also use our soul knowledge to learn the lesson and move on.

  1. Ask your soul wisdom to shine a light on the situation
  2. Gently breath in and out
  3. Put your thoughts towards the situation
  4. Ask gently: "What is my lesson in this?"
  5. Listen to the answer and allow it's positive nature to help you grow
  6. Thank this situation for the role it played in your life
  7. Take a deep breath and say I release this situation in gratitude
If you don't get a positive answer, please keep on asking what the lesson is. A lesson is always positive, it's to help us grow as people and to show us our strengths and weaknesses. If you get a negative answer, it's often our ego that fills in the blanks or our emotions or fears.

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