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Positive Flow: Steamroller attitude vs Spiritual Attitude

By  Rianne Collignon     November 11, 2016    Labels:, 
Dear People,

We all have goals in our lives that we want to achieve, but quite often, we have some obstacles in the way. Our attitude is very important and yet it's often the most difficult thing to change. We want what we want and we want it now! Yet, today, I'm writing on how to stay in a positive flow if you change this thought pattern, because the results are really worthwhile. You might not reach your goals sooner, but you will reach them in a healthier way.

Steamroller attitude
A lot of time steamroller attitude is hidden under positive words like: disciplined, high achiever, dedicated, driven and not acknowledged as a problem. When people have inherited this attitude from their parents or when it's expected of them from society, their bosses or spouses it can be even harder to break free. Often it's considered necessary for promotions, but it isn't.

We do talk about steam rolling other people: talking over them and interjecting your own sentiment. The attitude that I'm talking about when working towards our goals and dealing with obstacles is the same type of attitude, only instead of rolling over other people, you are doing it to yourself, in the name of achieving your goal.

Steam roller attitude is:
  • normal healthy arguments are rejected
  • normal healthy boundaries are crossed
  • feelings are repressed
  • warnings are ignored

So what happens? Usually people get physical complaints, problems with spouses, family or friends, starting to feel emotionally blank and lose touch with their inner power. The goal gets achieved and for some people this is good enough. However, it does usually have painful consequences, which sometimes are only found out long after the fact. In the end, we will pay the price.

  • Finishing a project at work or at school at the expense of your body (skip on sleep and/or food and feel grumpy and overly tired)
  • Being so focused on your career at the expense of your social life (stressed, not spending time with others, not able to build or support meaningful relationships etc.)
  • Trying to lose weight in dangerous ways
  • Doing fertility treatments when your body or relationship isn't ready for them

Spiritual Attitude
Spiritual attitude to reaching goals means you achieve the goal in way that is healthy for you and that helps you get support from the spiritual and material world. To do so, it means you check regularly if you are aren't too focused on your goal  and miss signals or discarded warnings. It also mean that you might redefine your goal, set it aside for another goal or even choose to let it go entirely.

Spiritual attitude means:
  • You listen. To your own feelings, to people around you, to experts, to your intuition etc. and of course you check if your goal is right for you
  • You acknowledge the messages in the right way - what do you need to change, transform, release or let go. 
  • You check what you can do to have your network help you
  • You check if the goal still serves your needs 
  • You check if you notice that it's the right time for that goal
  • You check what you can do to make achieving the goal easier

  • You ask for help with cooking or buy healthy food (salads etc.), take care of your sleep, might ask to extend a deadline while working on your project or ask a colleague for help
  • You tell people you want to achieve a promotion or get a new job, ask for them to help you find opportunities, give focus and attention to your wishes and make sure your life is healthy and balanced
  • You work on listening to your body and find out what works for you and what doesn't, losing weight by making healthy decisions, healthy changes and building healthy patterns step by step. You forgive yourself when you make mistakes, accept that you aren't perfect, refocus when needed and celebrate your successes
  • Doing fertility treatments when your body and relationship is ready for it, meaning you tackle this as team with your partner, support each other and be able to do balance your life while going through this hardship

So whenever you want to achieve something, carefully check on if you are doing it the right way, as you can cherish the fruits of your labors in a happier and healthier way. You also check if it's really something you want to achieve or if you rather change paths.

Want to talk about achieving your goals? Talk to me in the practice, write a comment on this blog or on the Facebook Fan Page or shoot me an e-mail.

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