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Questions from the practice: Do you volunteer your services?

By  Rianne Collignon     October 18, 2016    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Some of you might have seen me promote Stichting Opkikker already, which is a wonderful organization that surprises families with a chronically ill child with a wonderful day. They have chosen to focus on families, as not only the child, but also parents and siblings have a difficult time too.

So it was only logical that I got questions recently about my volunteer work. I usually don't advertise much with it, but this topic is very dear to my heart having been a very sick child, so I wanted the organization to get as much exposure as possible.

Why I volunteer
I prefer to make a positive impact on the world and so volunteer work/charity work is a natural way to do that for me. There are so many organizations and initiatives to support that do good work. Joining with them makes for a wonderful time and a good contribution.

I used to work personally as a volunteer, but now I prefer to volunteer through my company. I love my job, so doing it more often, for free or for a small(er) fee really makes me happy.

What organizations do I pick
Sometimes I get asked to volunteer or donate to a good cause and sometimes I contact an organization myself. There are many worthwhile causes and only so much time and energy in the day, so I have to pick and choose what I do.

Usually my criteria are:
  • The goal/cause of the organization is touches my heart. I need to feel like me and the organization are a match for me to donate time, energy or money.
  • I trust the people or the organization is CBF or ANBI certified. I prefer working with organizations that are crystal clear with their finances and are well run.
  • I can offer the organization something worthwhile due to my expertise 
  • I can make the time, energy or monetary commitment that is needed
Can I ask you to come help me or my organization?
Sure, ask away. I love getting volunteer requests and am always on the lookout how I can help the world get better. If you ask me for things not related to my business (for example: helping setting up things, doing administration etc.) it's less likely I will accept your request.

Even if it is related to what I do with my gifts please understand that I might not be able to accommodate your request. As all human beings, I have limited resources so I have to make the choices that are right for me. Nobody can say yes to everything and that certainly doesn't mean I don't care about your organization or request.

If you don't have a request, but want to help me set up or support my volunteer effort, please contact me. If I have somebody willing to share the burden of setting up, driving and/or other tasks, that really helps me out and allows me to do more. Whenever I get a request that seems like a good fit I'd certainly discuss it with you and see if it's a good fit for the both of us.

Have a good organization that you want me to look at? Post a comment on the Blog, Facebook Fan Page, send me an e-mail or talk to me in the practice.

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