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Freebies: EFT on Love

By  Rianne Collignon     August 31, 2016    Labels:, 
Dear People,

We all want love in our lives, but often it can become a source of disappointment, pain and anger. We expect too much or too little from those we love or we have trouble showing our own love in healthy ways. If you recognize yourself in this, time to do some EFT today to help yourself. 

EFT sentences on accepting love
Even though I don't feel worthy, I choose to accept love.
Even though I feel I should be more/do more, I deserve love.
Even though I have trouble accepting compliments, I deserve love.

EFT sentences on love and expectations
Even though I feel upset I didn't receive X from Y, I accept Y completely
Even though I feel Y let me down, I am willing to love and forgive Y
Even though I feel I do more for Y then I for me, I choose to love Y and balance our relationship
Even though I can have high expectations for myself and others, I choose to have healthy expectations

EFT on relationships and love
Even though I might have made mistakes in the past, I choose to learn my love lessons
Even though my past love life might be painful, I choose to learn and move on
Even though I have unhealthy love patterns, I choose to find a great partner
Even though I might have trouble letting go of a past partner, I chose to move forward towards a healthy love life
Even though I'm angry with my partner, I choose to solve problems in a healthy way
Even though it's tempting to want to change my partner, I accept my partner
Even though it's easy to see only the best parts of my partner, I choose to see all of my partner

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