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Questions from the practice: What do you do during the day?

By  Rianne Collignon     March 23, 2016    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Recently somebody asked me what I do during the day time when I don't work with clients. This meant of course that they wondered if I had a second job (no, I don't), but it's also a good opportunity to let people know what I actually do. Of course I'd be more then happy for the practice to grow more and am aiming to move towards 12-15 sessions a week. Why not more? Well, because of all the other work I do.

Client contact
During the hours that I don't have sessions, I answer e-mails and phone calls from clients. I often have several e-mails a day from people who want to book a session, change a session, give feedback, tell me how they are doing or ask questions about my services. Call aren't that frequent but people appreciate that they can reach me between 19.00-20.00. I sometimes get WhatsApp messages too.

Session preparation
I always prepare my sessions as I prefer to see the energy, major blockages and themes before starting a session. It helps me see how emotional/heavy a session is going to be, find common ground with clients and keep the session on track. I usually take around 30 minutes a client, but sometimes it's longer if I get a lot of information and sometimes it's shorter if we already e-mailed between sessions.

Brainstorming & Writing
I love spending time brainstorming on what type of courses I want to give, what type of workshops I want to develop, what type of things I want to with the practice. This does mean that I have had some big projects like the 100% Positivity Deck and the online learning program. I also regularly update the blog.

I also like to read spiritual books, so I keep on learning and developing what my message is and what I believe is right for me.

I don't spend that much time on promotion, but I do write my own articles for the paper and usually make my own graphic designs as well. I also send out press releases for my workshops, courses and other activities. I put the activities on the blog, website and Facebook Fan Page.

I do get a lot of calls of businesses who want me to advertise with them. Usually I don't do that as I have a few businesses where I'm happy to be with. Sometimes there are great opportunities though, so that is why I've been on national television!

Sadly, I think I spend too much time on paperwork! I'm required to write down what I do with my time. I have to update my agenda, write down what I got paid, pay my own bills and check up on if I'm on track with my earnings. I don't mind much of the administration work, but some things do feel a bit redundant. Why does the tax man need to see that I spend 15 minutes writing an e-mail?

For my work I want to be in tip-top shape and it does help to also get a critique of your work from people who work in the healing business themselves. Sometimes I have 2 exchanges in the same week, sometimes I have 2 in 4 months. It depends on the schedule of the people I exchange with of course. I love my exchange partners! It's very happy work to help each other grow.

I find self care extremely important, because I want to give my clients the best. This means my body is indeed my temple. A peaceful emotional state helps me as well as my clients. I have regular massages, like to go to the sauna and eat out. I EFT regularly too to make sure that my own personal circumstances don't enter into the practice.

I'm sure I forgot things that I do, but now people will probably see how 12 hours of clients can snowball into a 60 hour work week. One of the reasons I hate writing down what I do is when I see how much hours I truly make. I can spend hours on the practice and be very happy with that, but am always striving for a health work-life balance!

Have a question for me? Ask me in the practice, post a comment on the Blog or write something on the Facebook Fan Page!

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