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Questions from the Practice: Is Psychic Hotline Work something for you?

By  Rianne Collignon     February 10, 2015    Labels:, 
Dear People,

Recently I was asked an interesting question, so of course I want to share my answer with you. I was asked why I don't work for a physic hotline like we see on TV or read about in the papers.

Problems with working for a Psychic Hotline: Quality
Once you sign up for a Psychic Hotline, depending on the company, you can receive a few test cases to test your abilities. You can also receive a bit of training, but from what I heard, that's not very common. Once you are signed up, usually they will reroute calls to your home number, so you can work from home and earn money. That sounds great right? So why am I not doing it?

Quality control is limited. I find it difficult to work in an environment where I don't know if clients are receiving the care and the quality of service that they deserve. In some hotlines clients can't choose who they speak to, so they might have a very different experience every time they call. I don't want to attach myself to a company that doesn't offer quality and care. I don't want to be connected to a company that might have hired people who scam or scare clients.

Problems with working for a Psychic Hotline: Regulations
Each hotline has different rules and regulations. Some, that you can see on TV only give the Psychic 2-3 minutes to talk to a client. After that, a new client should be on TV. This type of rapid cycling isn't a problem for a good Psychic, but let's be honest, answering a question in so short a time, especially when it's a heavy question can't be done responsibly. There is no time for after care, a deepening of the question or even to see if your client understands what you are telling them.

Other hotlines ask Psychics to keep clients on the line, because the longer they keep talking, the more the hotlines earns. I've heard of hotlines asking Psychics to use cheap tricks, like telling a client that you are shuffling the cards and keeping that up for at least 30-60 seconds. Cards need to be shuffled, but putting that into a certain time frame makes it dishonest in my opinion. When doing Readings with Cards, sometimes I shuffle for a long time, sometimes a short shuffle is what I get told to do. I often shuffle the Cards for a bit in my preparation time as it's relaxing and helps my focus and I prefer to be prepared.

In my ethics, I wrote that I always reserve the right to refuse a client. It's important to me to have this right, because you could feel unsafe with a client (never happened to me) or you can see that it isn't in the clients best interest to have a session (rarely happens). For any company, desperate people who keep on coming back, hang onto your every word and become depending on you, are repeat customers that bring in a lot of money. However, for me, this is not a wholesome way of earning money. I prefer doing my job efficiently, tactfully and to be good at it. I make money because I'm excellent at what I do and clients refer new clients to me.

When attaching myself to a company, I would want those regulations to be in line with my ethics. I'm not sure that would work for any company out there at the moment, sadly enough.

Problems with working for a Psychic Hotline: Payment
Each hotline has a different payment scale for the Psychics that work for them. The client who asked me about this, thought that since the hotlines usually are €0.90 per minute or a little more, it wouldn't be that different to  what I'm earning now.

In theory, that would be true, because my hourly rate includes the session, but also preparation time, traveling time, the hour you can call me (business days 7pm-8pm) and support by e-mail. It also supports my business, so that would be marketing, promotion and administration. It hasn't completely supported me (living costs), but I'm getting there in a way that's right for me.

If I would do a Psychic Hotline, a lot of those things would be crossed out, as the Psychic Hotline would take care of promotion, some administration and marketing. Leaving me with only session time and a small bit of administration. However, the Psychic Hotline takes a pay cut of that €0.90 per minute. So in the end, I'd probably be making less in a way that isn't right for me.

Have a question you want to ask me? Don't hesitate to ask me in the practice, by e-mail on the blog or the Facebook Fan Page!

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