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Thoughts on Healing: Chakra Affirmation Exercise

By  Rianne Collignon     January 08, 2015    Labels:,,,, 
Dear People,

I often work with Chakras as they are a good system to look at multiple parts of your body, your emotional state and your energy body. Today I'm writing down an exercise to strengthen your Chakras with affirmations. I could write a book about chakras and working with them, but for this exercise, you only need basic information.

You can repeat the key-word, repeat the affirmations or make your own. I like to repeat the keywords until I feel a peaceful and powerful feeling or to make specific affirmations if a chakra feels weaker.

Root Chakra:
The root or first chakra is all about safety and getting your basic needs met. For me, it's the chakra that needs to have sufficient Trust. Good affirmations can be:

"I trust that I am safe"
"I take care of myself"

Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra or second chakra is all about the senses, sexuality and reproductive organs. For me, it's the chakra that needs to help you rely on Instinct. Good affirmations can be:

"I trust my instincts"
"I enjoy my body and my senses"

Solar Plexus Chakra
The solar plexus chakra or third chakra is all about your own power, will and discipline. For me it's the chakra that helps you move forward and focus your Will/Discipline. Good affirmations can be:

"I move forward easily"
"My will and discipline are strong" 

Heart Chakra
The heart chakra or fourth chakra is all about your emotions, love and kindness. For me it's the chakra that helps you connect with your feelings and allows you to Love. Good affirmations can be:

"I allow all my feelings in my life"
"I love easily and completely" 

Throat Chakra
The throat chakra or fifth chakra is about your voice, power and connects you to others. For me it's the chakra that allows communication, helps you be assertive and gives you your Voice. 
Good affirmations can be:

"I stand behind everything I say"
"I give voice to what needs to be said"  
Third Eye Chakra
The third eye chakra or sixth chakra is about your intuition and the vision you have for your life. For me it's the chakra that allows you to be in tune with the world, yourself and your place in it, with excellent Intuition. Good affirmations can be:

"I listen to my inner voice"
"I see beyond my material senses" 

Crown Chakra
The crown chakra or seventh chakra is about your higher plan and higher consciousness. For me, it's the chakra that allows us to view beyond our limited place and gives Vision and Grace. Good affirmations can be:

"I allow Grace to work through me"
"I easily see the bigger picture"

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