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Thoughts on Healing: Healing Journey

By  Rianne Collignon     January 30, 2012    Labels:, 
Dear People,

I promised I would write some more premium content on this blog and I hope that this rather loose format of thoughts will be interesting for you to read. Instead of a full length article, I plan to write some thoughts that will steer you into your own healing reflections.

Please do comment on this blog or on Facebook if you want to contribute or feel like sharing your own story!

Cycles of health
When our health is not in the shape we want, we often feel something is 'wrong'. Something is not going as planned, is not going the way we want it, so it's wrong. We go to the doctor and we tell him: "Doc, somethings wrong with me" and describe the symptoms we are suffering.

We should be saying: "Something is right", as it's natural that we are going through cycles of perfect health and cycles of less then perfect health. Cycles of less then perfect health give us time and opportunity to reflect on the state of our life, our health and our body.

Healing Question: Are you acknowledging your cycle of health? Building and creating in a healthy phase and reflecting and resting in a less then healthy phase?

Healing Process
The second thing we do is focus completely on the illness and the way we want it to disappear. We often ask for pills or powders and preferably hear the doctor tell us: "Take this X days a week and you will be fully healthy in no time".

We do not want to spend time on on the healing process. We prefer our healing to be done quietly and out of the way with the least side effects possible!

This is precisely why at my practice people are very confused by my Healing Process. I do not give the something to take or tell them what to do. I do not spend hours talking to them about problems like a coach or psychologist. I discuss their issues and start removing them from the first session onwards.

Healing Question: Do you make time for your healing process or are you trying to heal between the lines?

The Center Stage
Often, with an illness, it has gotten the center stage. People will discuss how they are doing based on that particular illness. A simple "How are you doing?", because a medical story almost immediately. 

So, imagine the surprise in my practice when I talk to you. In my practice: YOU have the center stage. Not your illness or a part that's not working, but you. All healing journeys are personalized on who you are, where you have been and what you have been carrying with you.
Sometimes a trend is noted, but most often, we all have our own personal hangups and blockages.

Healing Question: Are you setting yourself on the center stage or has your illness usurped that role?

Healing Journey in my Practice
I use my Psychic Gifts and Inner Vision to see what is truly going on. I speak to them about behavior that they often immediately recognize and how it is affecting their health in a negative way. They often are quite surprised I picked up on that and are doubtful that changing that part of their lives will make them better.

After we are in agreement about the behavior I help with efficiently removing karma, emotions or other underlying reasons on why that behavior is so toxic but continues to recur. I often get quite surprised responses on how they are feeling lighter and better and how this particular healing shows great benefits in the body.

After the behavior is back into balance, I often spend time on balancing out the body and it's energy field. Sometimes people complain that they are so energetic after sessions that they can't sleep! Or that they are so tired (detoxing) that they want to stay on my table and sleep!

So, your healing journey is based on you, grounded in your body, your emotions, your mental stage and your spiritual growth.

Healing Question: Are you trying to do everything alone and the hard way or are you ready to accept aid?

Enjoy the article and reflect on the healing questions as you see fit!

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